World’s Best Futuristic Artists Named By America’s 25 Best Galleries: RIVAS, SERSTINSKAJA, PRANNA, YU, MERLINO, KIM, QI, JONES, SHIM & ALBINA/ 2021 AMERICAN ART AWARDS

Each May the American Art Awards organization selects the 25 Best Galleries and Museums in America, then in autumn these revered art institutions vote on online art to decide the world’s best contemporary artists.

America’s Best Galleries & Museums scored almost 2,000 works in 50 categories from 64 countries.

Winners in this category are from SPAIN, LITHUANIA, RUSSIA, CHINA & USA.

BIO OF 1ST PLACE WINNER RAMÓN RIVAS: Born in Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha / Spain). Their family environment and the multidisciplinary influence of their professional activity; in sport, music, engineering, inventions and art, in Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid, he was decisive for the artistic creation, of a very personal and different style, called Rivismo, based on the application of Experiencial Brushstrokes. During the last sixteen years, his research has managed to reinforce the Concepts and Philosophy that predominate in Rivismo and that have given prominence to material elements to which he has assigned aspects, functions and values of people.

Solo and group exhibitions have been held in several countries; Spain, China, South Korea, Italy, united states, among others. In addition, there are works in the collection of Museums of Spain, Denmark and South Korea. The influence of the Internet; websites, blogs and social networks have contributed very quickly to publicize this artistic proposal. In response to all this dissemination of his work, he has received good news by being recognized by inviting him to international exhibitions, interviews, inclusion in books and art magazines, and giving him multiple international awards.


My work has a strong personal identity stamp that I apply with the greatest possible freedom and without limitations. I use my creativity to be different and look for new artistic proposals that surprise and excite. This I get through Rivismo.

My good imagination has been and is essential to develop creative, innovative works that interact in a positive way before the observer’s gaze. My training, among others, as a Project and Organization Engineer, makes me work in an orderly, methodical way, studying the best alternatives, supervising good execution, introducing scientific topics, balancing the composition and making the painting a walkable space for the viewer. As a result, images are produced with elaborate precision workmanship, with impressive density and depth that are visually captivating. For this reason, I prefer to work in large format. For me, the artist’s work is the embodiment of the interior of him in a tangible way.

Therefore, my works are not intended to be mere decorative objects, but a skillful source of provocation that encourages the viewer to participate and, at the same time, to become a creative artist during their tour of the stage and as long as the images remain recorded in your retina.




1st Place-Tie RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN “Drones-Art in Space” 195x195cm Mixed media, canvas.

1st Place-Tie RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN “Art Explosion” 150x200cm Mixed media on canvas.

2nd Place DANGUOLE SERSTINSKAJA LITHUANIA 32x45cm “Space V” Gouache on synthetic paper.

3rd Place-Tie PRANNA RUSSIA 150x150cm “Presence” Recycled plastic, resin, silicone.

3rd Place-Tie SHU YU CHINA 100x80cm “Mudra#01” Digital, giclee on canvas.

4th Place-Tie JOHN MERLINO USA “Moon Phase #8” 34x33.5” Colored pencil, oil and acrylic.

4th Place-Tie ALBERT KIM USA
“Invaders Of The Town Square” 18x24" Pencil on sketchbook. futu

5th Place-Tie MAGGIE QI USA
“A Tender Moment” 19x15" Colored pencil on paper.

5th Place-Tie RON JONES USA www. “Surround” 30x40" Pen and ink.

“An Artificial Future” 18x24” Acrylic on board.

6th Place-Tie MIRONOVA ALBINA RUSSIA @albina_mironova_art “Matrix” 60x60cm Acrylic.

6th Place-Tie PRANNA RUSSIA 150x150cm “Madonna 3.0” Recycled plastic, resin, silicone.

Click below to see the relaxing hour-long movie revealing 2021’s hundreds of winning artworks:

Artworks from 59 countries won among the 50 categories: paintings, drawings, photography, digital and sculpture. (Americans won more because Americans entered more since the competition is better known here.)

Number of winners per country: Argentina 1, Australia 12, Belarus 2, Belgium 2, Brazil 3, Bulgaria 2, Canada 30, China 85, Croatia 2, Cyprus 1, Denmark 2, England 2, Finland 1, France 7, Georgia 3, Germany 18, Ghana 1, Greece 3, Hungary 2, Japan 1, India 10, Iran 1, Ireland 1, Israel 1, Italy 14, Kazakhstan 1, Kuwait 2, Latvia 6, Lithuania 27, Macedonia 5, Malaysia 2, Mexico 2, Moldova 1, Morocco 1, Netherlands 3, New Zealand 1, Nigeria 8, Norway 1, Oman 1, Pakistan 1, Philippines 5, Poland 8, Republic Of Korea 12, Romania 2, Russia 45, Serbia 1, South Africa 8, Spain 11, Sweden 3, Taiwan 7, Thailand 1, Turkey 3, Uganda 1, UK 10, Ukraine 5, USA 264, Uzbekistan 1, Zambia 1, Zimbabwe 2.

ART COLLECTORS: all winning images and corresponding contact info of all the artists will soon be uploaded to this page:

This year’s 25 Best Galleries & Museums asked to vote on art were:

BEST IN ARIZONA: Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art

BEST IN CALIFORNIA: Revolver Gallery


BEST IN FLORIDA: Art Fusion Galleries

BEST IN HAWAII: Sunshine Arts

BEST IN ILLINOIS: Trickster Cultural Center

BEST IN IOWA: Moberg Gallery

BEST IN KANSAS: Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery


BEST IN LOUISIANA: Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

BEST IN MASSACHUSETTS: Boston Sculptors Gallery

BEST IN MISSOURI: Hilliard Gallery


BEST IN NEBRASKA: Kiechel Fine Art

BEST IN NEVADA: Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas Art Museum

BEST IN NEW JERSEY: Evalyn Dunn Gallery



BEST IN NORTH CAROLINA: The Arts Council of Fayetteville| Cumberland County

BEST IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art

BEST IN SOUTH DAKOTA: South Dakota Art Museum

BEST IN TENNESSEE: Stanford Fine Art


BEST IN WASHINGTON: Maryhill Museum of Art

BEST IN WEST VIRGINIA: Parkersburg Art Center





One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art). President of

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Thom Bierdz

Thom Bierdz

One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art). President of

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