WORLD ART AWARDS Submissions (Part 22): Bronze Sculpture, Charcoal Tears, Oil Starbuck’s Employee, Pastel Still Life, Mixed-Media Sci-Fi, Digital Drama, More

Thom Bierdz
5 min readApr 8, 2023

If you chase beauty like I do, you’ll love these articles showing you the beautiful and diverse online art images entered from around the globe in the first annual World Art Awards, which will be sent to the 20 best galleries in the world to score. Hundreds of art images already entered can be viewed here:

Any sketcher, painter, digital artist, sculptor or photographer can enter online images by April 30. They will be placed in the one of fifty categories. Five thousand dollars in cash prizes will be divided between 6 artists (highest votes) and all 1st to 6th Place winners (300+ total) will receive great press.

World Art Awards launches this year, a sister competition of the prestigious online art competition American Art Awards after 15 years of success.

The only difference is World Art Awards submissions are sent to the World’s 20 Best Galleries to score, while in American Art Awards submissions are sent to USA’s 20 Best Galleries to score. Same categories, same prizes, same press and same opportunity that one of the revered art institutions is so taken by an artist’s work that they contact them for representation.

Below are brand new submissions from talented artists. Feel free to browse their sites or contact them if interested in buying their work, which may turn out to be a World Art Awards winner in late June, or American Art Awards winner in late October.

SHAWN MCAVOY USA “Splash Dance” 14x10x17" Bronze.

SHAWN MCAVOY USA “Osprey Soaring” 21x10x12" Bronze. AAA

ANDREA PAOLINO USA “Dome Epais” 44x10x71" Bronze.

BENJAMIN OTOO GHANA “Pain Within” 12x16" Charcoal and graphite.

Eugene Kuperman USA “The Alchemist” 48x30” Oil on polyester. Category — Figurative

CAROLYN QUAN USA “Letting Go” 48x32" Digital photo collage. WAA in category Photography: Manipulated — Human or Animal — — or Erotic Male

JOHN A. O’CONNOR USA “Coeur A La. Creme” 8.5x11” Pastel on paper.

JOHN A. O’CONNOR USA “Blackberry Cobbler” 8.5x11” Pastel on paper.

VLADIMIR PETRAN BELARUS “Flying Over…” 80x80cm Oil on canvas. AAA

VLADIMIR PETRAN BELARUS “Whirlwind” 80x80cm Oil on canvas. AAA

RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN “The Protector” 180x195cm Mixed media-Rivismo on canvas.

RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN “Drones-Art In The Universe II” 195x195cm Mixed media-Rivismo on canvas.

RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN “Seams For Concord And Peace In The World” 195x195cm Mixed media-Rivismo on canvas.

WENDY BURR USA “Geometrique” 36x48” Oil on canvas.

MARIO PANIS PHILIPPINES “Radiance” 21x30” Acrylic on board.

ALAN STECKER. USA “Conversation In Blue: No One Listens” 24x18" Digital, 12 ink, inkjet print on canvas.

ALAN STECKER. USA “Ikon from the Dark Side” 20x16" Digital, 12 ink, inkjet print on canvas.

JENNIFER HANNIGAN-GREEN USA “Grounding Connection… Earth” 18x24" Acrylic on canvas.

BJ TALOR USA “Forgotten Memory” 24x18" Gold leaf, oil, acrylic on board.

BATHMAWATHY INDIA “The Glowrious King” 70x50cm Pastel on pastelmat.

BATHMAWATHY INDIA “On The Verge Of Extinction” 15x11” Pastel on pastelmat.

LAN YIHAN CHINA “Hometown” 43x36cm Chinese ink painting.

LAN YIHAN CHINA “Moon Night” 57x30cm Watercolor. AAA

S RICHARD SHOOK USA “Something Borrowed” 60x48” Oil on canvas.



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