WORLD ART AWARDS Submissions (Part 19): Art From Ukraine, England, China, Canada, France, Germany, USA, Switzerland, India, Benin & Australia

Thom Bierdz
5 min readApr 3, 2023

If you chase beauty like I do, you’ll love these articles showing you the beautiful and diverse online art images entered from around the globe in the first annual World Art Awards, which will be sent to the 20 best galleries in the world to score. Hundreds of art images already entered can be viewed here:

Any sketcher, painter, digital artist, sculptor or photographer can enter online images by April 30. They will be placed in the one of fifty categories. Five thousand dollars in cash prizes will be divided between 6 artists (highest votes) and all 1st to 6th Place winners (300+ total) will receive great press.

World Art Awards launches this year, a sister competition of the prestigious online art competition American Art Awards after 15 years of success.

The only difference is World Art Awards submissions are sent to the World’s 20 Best Galleries to score, while in American Art Awards submissions are sent to USA’s 20 Best Galleries to score. Same categories, same prizes, same press and same opportunity that one of the revered art institutions is so taken by an artist’s work that they contact them for representation.

Below are brand new submissions from talented artists. Feel free to browse their sites or contact them if interested in buying their work, which may turn out to be a World Art Awards winner in late June, or American Art Awards winner in late October.

RENEE BRETTLER CANADA “Serious Business At Cadboro Bay” 16x20" Oil on board.

ADELHY FRANCE “Portrait De Léonard De Vinci Enfant” 15x18" Acrylic on canvas. WAA

PEGGY LIEBENOW GERMANY “Gelassenheit / Abstrakt Nr. 1455” 40x60cm Acrylic on canvas.

RICHARD MICHELLE-PENTELBURY CANADA “De Historia Et Veritate (On Quebec’s Plains Of Abraham)” 48x60” Oil on canvas.

VICKI PEDERSEN USA “Journey’s End” 24x20" Oil on linen board. Category 36) Landscape with life

AJAY KUMAR HARIT INDIA “Way to Gangotri I” 47x34in Oil on canvas.

AJAY KUMAR HARIT INDIA “Mansion in Nainital” 30x30in Oil on canvas.


JOLIE GISCHER USA “Jack Nicholson” 12.5x8.5” Charcoal on newsprint. AAA PORTRAIT OF SOMEONE FAMOUS

RUBEN ZOUNGNEME-ALIDJINOU BENIN “Happiness” 30x40cm Graphite on bristol.

LIZZIE JAYNE ENGLAND “On His Mind” 30x40cm Watercolour on paper. RELIGIOUS CATEGORY

JESSICA TANG XIANHONG CHINA “Snowing On Bridge” 30x53.5cm Watercolor. Landscape

TATYANA PARTINA UKRAINE “Illusion. On Both Side Of The Window” 59.5x49cm Watercolor on paper.

MARGARET CHWIALKOWSKA CANADA “Morning Light, Gatineau” 30x24" Oil on canvas.

AVADKA COLEZ USA “Bar Scene” 14x22” Acrylic on wood.

PEGGY LIEBENOW GERMANY “Maskenträger/Mask Wearer” 120x100cm Acrylic on canvas. AAA

PEGGY LIEBENOW GERMANY “Flower-Power-Party” 70x50cm Acrylic on canvas.

PEGGY LIEBENOW GERMANY “Sommerparty” 60x60cm Acrylic on canvas.

FARHAN DHALLA CANADA “Tribute To My Late Mother: Part 3” 20x16” Fabric around photo. Innovative

TYRREL JONNS & LENA DAVIS AUSTRALIA “Mushroom” 30x30" Manipulated photographic print. category 46 Manipulated photography / landscape or still life / AAA.

TYRREL JONNS & LENA DAVIS AUSTRALIA “Night Ride” 30x30" Manipulated photographic print. category 46 Manipulated photography / landscape or still life / AAA.

TYRREL JONNS AUSTRALIA “Blue Heart’’ 30x30'’ Digital art construct.. Categorie 47. Digital Art Representational — Entry for the WAA.

JOE MCDONALD USA “African Sunrise Photo” Photo.



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