WORLD ART AWARDS Submissions (Part 14): Digital, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Graphite, Sculpture, Photography, Commentary, More

Thom Bierdz
4 min readMar 21, 2023

If you chase beauty like I do, you’ll love these March articles showing you the beautiful and diverse art entered from around the globe in the first annual World Art Awards, scored by the 20 best galleries in the world, seen here:

Any sketcher, painter, digital artist, sculptor or photographer can pay a small fee and enter online images by April 30. They will be placed in the one of fifty categories where they have the best chance to win: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, realism, impressionism, naïve, abstract, expressionism, human figure, animal, landscape, fantasy, surrealism, pop, portrait, self-portrait, political, erotic, cubism, floral, humor, spiritual, various photography, sculpture, digital, etc..

Five thousand dollars in cash prizes will be divided between 6 artists (highest votes) and all 1st to 6th Place winners (300+ total) will receive great press.

World Art Awards launches this year, a sister competition of the prestigious online art competition American Art Awards after 15 years of success.

The only difference is World Art Awards submissions are sent to the World’s 20 Best Galleries to score, while in American Art Awards submissions are sent to USA’s 20 Best Galleries to score. Same categories, same prizes, same press and same opportunity that one of the revered art institutions is so taken by an artist’s work that they contact them for representation.

Below are brand new submissions from talented artists. Feel free to browse their sites or contact them if interested in buying their work, which may turn out to be a World Art Awards winner in late June, or American Art Awards winner in late October.

KAREN BANNON USA “The Simple Life” 1125x935px Photo.

MANUEL PEREIRA DA SILVA PORTUGAL “Untitled” 50x97x30cm Plaster on aluminum structure.

GARRULUS GLANDARIUS GERMANY “Shelter” 61x91cm Digital work. Giclée print on paper.

GARRULUS GLANDARIUS GERMANY “Vocatio Temporum” 61x91cm Digital work. Giclée print on paper. AAA

GARRULUS GLANDARIUS GERMANY “The Bird And The Girl” 61x91cm Digital work. Giclée print on paper.

GORANA STANOJEVIC SERBIA “Water Drops” 21x29.7cm Graphite pencil on art paper.

SHU YU CHINA “Lying Flat” 210x150cm Mixed media on canvas. #24 INNOVATIVE, WAA & #40 SURREALISM, WAA.

FLORENCE LEMAY CANADA “Nouvelle Orléans 5.0” 60x30" Acrylic on canvas.

HUGO KELLER USA “Dancing Unemcumbered” 16x16” Oil on canvas.

SHAWN DALL CANADA “The Tea Party” 16x9ratio Digital art.

SHAWN DALL CANADA “Grunt” 16x9ratio Digital art.

SHAWN DALL CANADA “Self Portrait: The Elven King” 16x9ratio Digital art.

“Broken Justice” 50x60cm Oil on canvas.

“Agenda21” 40x50cm Oil on canvas. AAA

JOÃO CARLOS DA SILVA FREIRE PORTUGAL “Dancing In The Rain” 41x30cm Watercolor on paper.

JOÃO CARLOS DA SILVA FREIRE PORTUGAL “In The Garden Of April” 41x30cm Watercolor on paper.



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