The 5 Best Contemporary Artworks From Philippines, 5 From Macedonia: / 2021 AMERICAN ART AWARDS Winners

5 artworks from Macedonia and Philippines won in the 2021 American Art Awards. Those masterpieces are featured in this article.

The AMERICAN ART AWARDS is a globally revered competition, decided by America’s 25 Best Galleries & Museums (from 2022 forward it will be 20 Best Galleries & Museums).

From now until July 30, 2022, painters, digital artists, photographers and sculptors from all countries can enter JPEGs of their works in the 50 categories of the next AMERICAN ART AWARDS — to win gallery affiliation, a career launch, great scores, great press and/or $5,000 in prizes.

In 2021, artists from 62 countries took prizes. Americans took the most wins because the contest is more publicized in the USA, and therefore more Americans entered.

As president of, I hosted this 47 minute program which shows hundreds of winning pieces to beautiful music:

100 ARTICLES and VIDEOS on the 50 CATEGORIES of the 2021 AMERICAN ART AWARDS WINNING ARTISTS are at this link:

COLLECTORS wanting to acquire these pieces or contact the artists can get direct links here:

This is the 13th anniversary for the American Art Awards organization which has decided the 25 Best Galleries and Museums each May. Decisions were based upon years established, industry reputation, online buzz, location, size, socially relevant exhibits, motivational and educational programs, represented artists as well as artist, client and visitor references.

American Art Awards 25 Best Galleries & Museums for 2021, in alphabetical order of state, who were asked to vote on last year’s art submissions:

BEST IN ARIZONA: Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art

BEST IN CALIFORNIA: Revolver Gallery


BEST IN FLORIDA: Art Fusion Galleries

BEST IN HAWAII: Sunshine Arts

BEST IN ILLINOIS: Trickster Cultural Center

BEST IN IOWA: Moberg Gallery

BEST IN KANSAS: Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery


BEST IN LOUISIANA: Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

BEST IN MASSACHUSETTS: Boston Sculptors Gallery

BEST IN MISSOURI: Hilliard Gallery


BEST IN NEBRASKA: Kiechel Fine Art

BEST IN NEVADA: Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas Art Museum

BEST IN NEW JERSEY: Evalyn Dunn Gallery



BEST IN NORTH CAROLINA: The Arts Council of Fayetteville| Cumberland County

BEST IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art

BEST IN SOUTH DAKOTA: South Dakota Art Museum

BEST IN TENNESSEE: Stanford Fine Art


BEST IN WASHINGTON: Maryhill Museum of Art

BEST IN WEST VIRGINIA: Parkersburg Art Center

Enter here:

or get a gallery to rate and price your work:




One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art). President of

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Thom Bierdz

Thom Bierdz

One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art). President of

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