The 20 Best Art Galleries In USA / 2024 AMERICAN ART AWARDS Selections

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Each year the American Art Awards selects the 20 Best Galleries and Museums in USA. Selections are based on years established, industry reputation, online interest, location, size, aesthetics, socially relevant exhibits, motivational and educational programs as well as represented artists.

American Art Awards: “This year we awarded a couple prestigious university museums, one with roots going back to 1892 with incomparable art collections: Greek, Roman, Near Eastern, ancient Egypt, Byzantium, Asian, African, Ancient Americas, and Oceanic cultures. We also selected the largest gallery in the Southwest and a Florida gallery with four locations amassing the largest exhibition space in South Florida, with close proximity to Art Basel & Art Miami. A Midwest facility specializing in original contemporary African art is included as well as a couple art centers providing year-round visual art exhibitions and innovative arts education programs available to all including disadvantaged rural communities. Our diversified roster this year also includes high-rated contemporary galleries in Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Salt Lake City and Seattle. These revered landmarks with influential international presences are popular urban hotspots, fulfilling both artistic and high-energy community needs. We also chose heralded private galleries in Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina, focusing on exhibiting regional artists, both young and established.”

American Art Awards annually awards 20 museums and/or galleries, and with their critique months later, awards 300+ deserving contemporary artists from 60+ countries: painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists.

AMERICAN ART AWARDS: “American Art Awards chases beauty. What a privilege it is for us to work with the most beautiful galleries in USA and the most beautiful contemporary artworks from around the world.”

American Art Awards 20 Best Galleries & Museums for 2024 (in alphabetical order by state):

BEST IN ARIZONA: Rising like a gigantic mystical temple in Sedona, this 20,000 sq ft showplace displays the finest of every style from classical to contemporary. Serving private or commercial needs, Exposures International Gallery Of Fine Art offers small maquettes to monumental bronze and stone sculptures, original oil and acrylic otherworldly paintings, fine art jewelry, enchanting glass art…

BEST IN COLORADO: Both the booming Denver gallery, Mirada Fine Art, and owner/curator Steve Sonnen continue to be prominently featured in national and international art publications as well as appearing on numerous ‘Best Of’ lists. Lively spirited art, insightful exhibits, a Colorado vortex.

BEST IN CONNECTICUT: The Fairfield University Art Museum (FUAM) inspires curiosity, creativity, reflection, and dialogue through its exhibitions, programs, and the collections in its care. As an essential component of the scholarly community at Fairfield University, FUAM advances knowledge for students from all disciplines, and offers communities of learners across Connecticut and beyond the opportunity to connect to art and ideas.

BEST IN FLORIDA: Four locations equaling 20,000 sq ft gives MAC Art Galleries the largest exhibition space in South Florida, and with close proximity to Art Basel & Art Miami, they are a vital part of today’s art culture. Maintains an in-house Multimedia Department complete with digital photography studio, state-of-the-art Giclée printing facility — with computer-graphic/prepress. For over 20 years, owner Mary Ann Cohen has represented many of the world’s most accomplished and commercial artists: selling internationally to upscale hotels, restaurants, corporations, luxury cruise ships and museums.

BEST IN IDAHO: Capitol Contemporary Gallery strives to provide artists, collectors, and the city of Boise with an exciting and always evolving space to exhibit, sell and purchase high quality, original artwork from the very best artists in the community. They represent the original artwork of 24 Idaho artists, featuring paintings, sculptures & photography as well as unique, custom jewelry and furniture.

BEST IN ILLINOIS: The Jackson Junge Gallery is a remarkable contribution to the flourishing arts community of Wicker Park / Bucktown in Chicago. Co-owned by the talented Chicago artist Laura Lee Junge and her husband / partner Chris Jackson, this gallery serves as an exclusive local venue for Junge’s captivating paintings and other exquisite works of art. The gallery also showcases a diverse selection of works by other contemporary artists from Chicago and beyond. From the avid art collector to the casual admirer, visitors delight in the comfortable ambiance and welcoming atmosphere found within its walls.

BEST IN INDIANA: Kuaba Gallery offers distinctive, authentic, and original contemporary African and Art of the Diaspora… painting, sculpting, and other art forms… new ideas about the struggle to deal with difficult and rapidly changing African environment during the modern time… created in stone, metal, wood, ceramic, textile, basketry, and canvas.

BEST IN KANSAS: The beautiful venue 2010 Gallery offers contemporary, traditional, figurative and representational art by the world’s leading artists.

BEST IN LOUISIANA: Dedicated to contemporary art, GRYDER represents well-established, outsider, and emerging artists working in new dimensions that approach artistic expression most purely and who break out of the mold. Their unique programming generates meaningful content that correlates with the higher art historical nexus and broader contemporary art practices from a global and philosophical perspective, asking difficult questions about our culture and society.

BEST IN MINNESOTA: Exhibiting contemporary, abstract artwork by Minnesota artists in diverse media, Kolman & Reeb Gallery is a unique collaboration between Anita Sue Kolman, arts patron, and Jodi Reeb, artist and curator. An integral part of the Twin Cities’ visual arts community, the gallery holds exhibitions, mentors emerging artists whose work demonstrates prowess and promise, and hosts open forums to advance the most singular artistic voices working in Minnesota today.

BEST IN MISSOURI: The Museum of Art and Archaeology has incomparable collections across a wide range of cultures: Greek, Roman, Near Eastern art works, ancient Egypt, Byzantium, Asian, African, Ancient Americas, and Oceanic cultures. Important collections in European and American art from the fifteenth century to the present.

BEST IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: Now in its twelve year of operation, the Candita Clayton Gallery has become an influential presence on both Rhode Island and New Hampshire art scenes. Located in New London NH, gallerist Candita Clayton is dedicated to discovering and promoting both emerging and mid-to-late-career artists from Rhode Island and beyond and to showcasing fine art in all mediums. The gallery has strong affiliations with local and national designers in creating interior spaces which feature fine art as a prominent design element.

BEST IN NEW JERSEY: Evalyn Dunn Gallery. For 66 years, a family legacy serving the community with expert, innovative and personable staff. Features the finest 20th Century American and European art.

BEST IN NEW MEXICO: With 23 years of experience in the world of fine art, Thornwood Gallery has earned a reputation for placing high-quality work by international and national artists for residences, corporate offices, and hotels. Their stunning locations in Houston’s iconic Gallery Row and Santa Fe’s famous historic Canyon Road focus on 60 of the finest artists and their work, ranging from abstract to impressionism to realism to photography to sculpture.

BEST IN NORTH CAROLINA: Ambleside Gallery was founded in Manchester, England (1982–1994), moved to Grosse Pointe, MI (1994–2003) and settled in Greensboro, NC (2004 — present). The gallery is privileged to be known for its high quality of artistic offerings. Painters and sculptors from throughout North America, Europe and Asia are regularly featured. In addition to rotating exhibitions the gallery presents First Friday Receptions, Monthly Musical Recitals and frequently hosts community events.

BEST IN PENNSYLVANIA: Morton Contemporary Art Gallery is the culmination of 15 years of passion for fine contemporary art. They specialize in representing and promoting innovative emerging and established artists from around the world. With ethical and aesthetic vision, they commit to equity and inclusion in tune with worldwide social movements to elevate the work of traditionally underrepresented artists such as women and artists of color from around the globe.

BEST IN SOUTH CAROLINA: For almost 40 years, Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art has cultivated meaningful and long-term relationships with residents, tourists, artists, clients, designers, architects and trade professionals from her sophisticated landmark gallery in downtown Charleston (named the number one tourist destination in America). Both Mary Martin Gallery I and Mary Martin Gallery II represent a wide array of regional, national and international artists providing museum quality bronze and stone sculptures and innovative oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings — appealing to collectors in every country.

BEST IN UTAH: Modern West is a gallery created in 2014 by Diane Stewart to support established and emerging modern and contemporary artists who, in compelling and varied ways, reframe our understanding of the West. They represent and curate work based on artistic merit, expression, and excellence in execution and support freedom of expression.

BEST IN VERMONT: Located in Stowe, Vermont, The Current was established in 1981 to enhance the human experience through the visual arts. They provide year-round visual art exhibitions, annual outdoor sculpture shows, public lectures, panels, film screenings, progressive and innovative arts education programs available to all including disadvantaged rural communities.

BEST IN WASHINGTON: Founded in 1995, ArtX Contemporary began when Gallery Director, Cora Edmonds, dreamed of creating a space in the Seattle gallery community dedicated to international art and cultural exchange. The 2000+ square foot gallery in Pioneer Square offers rotating exhibitions as well as creative events including artist talks.

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