The 2 Best Contemporary Artworks In Cameroon, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, Switzerland & Zambia: 2022 AMERICAN ART AWARDS Winners

20 of USA’s Best Galleries & Museums vote in the AMERICAN ART AWARDS, arguably the most prestigious international online art competition. In 2022, painters, sketchers, digital artists, photographers and sculptors from 72 countries submitted JPEGs for the 50 categories — to win gallery affiliation, career launch, high scores, great press and/or cash prizes.

(More winners from USA because more entered from USA.)

— — — — — — — Here are the 2 wins from Cameroon:

— — — — — — — Here are the 2 wins from Greece:

— — — — — — — Here are the 2 wins from Ireland:

— — — — — —Here are the 2 wins from New Zealand:

— — — — — — — Here are the 2 wins from Romania:

— — — — — — Here are the 2 wins from Switzerland:

— — — — — Here are the 2 wins from Greece:


COLLECTORS wanting to acquire these pieces or contact the artists can get direct links here:

This is the 14th anniversary for the American Art Awards organization which selects the 20 Best Galleries and Museums each May, who decide the world’s best artists in Autumn.

American Art Awards 20 Best Galleries & Museums for 2022, in alphabetical order of state, who were asked to vote on art submissions:

BEST IN ARIZONA — Exposures International Gallery Of Fine Art

BEST IN ARKANSAS — Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

BEST IN CALIFORNIA — Exclusive Collections Galleries

BEST IN COLORADO — Mirada Fine Art

BEST IN DELAWARE — The Delaware Contemporary


BEST IN GEORGIA — Westobou Gallery

BEST IN HAWAII — Sunshine Arts

BEST IN INDIANA — Lubeznik Center for the Arts

BEST IN LOUISIANA — Arthur Roger Gallery

BEST IN MICHIGAN — LaFontsee Galleries

BEST IN MISSOURI — Hilliard Gallery

BEST IN NEBRASKA — Kiechel Fine Art

BEST IN NEW HAMPSHIRE — Rochester Museum of Fine Arts

BEST IN NEW MEXICO — Blue Rain Gallery

BEST IN NEW YORK — Center for Exploratory & Perceptual Arts

BEST IN OREGON — Bronze Coast Gallery

BEST IN SOUTH CAROLINA — Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art

BEST IN SOUTH DAKOTA — South Dakota Art Museum

BEST IN WEST VIRGINIA — West Virginia State Museum

Among other criteria, gallery & museum selections are based on years established, industry reputation, online interest, location, size, socially relevant exhibits, motivational and educational programs, represented artists as well as artist, client and visitor references.

Enter here:

or get a gallery to rate and price your work:



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