Best Gallery Or Museum In Oregon: Roger Yost Bay Street Gallery / 2020 American Art Awards

Thom Bierdz
4 min readJul 19, 2020

For 12 years, American Art Awards has decided the 25 Best Galleries and Museums in America. Among the criteria: years in business, industry reputation, online activity, location, size, exhibits, educational programs, represented artists and references from artists, clients and visitors. Each year only one gallery or museum per state in 25 states is selected.

American Art Awards: “Roger Yost’s second gallery — The Roger Yost Bay Street Gallery — is a creative magnet attracting an estimated 25,000 tourists to Newport, Oregon’s Historic Bayfront each year. It sits astride a pier that stretches 100 feet into Yaquina Bay, and offers not only an extraordinary collection of oil paintings, investment art glass, ceramics and bronze sculpture, but a dramatic view of the iconic Yaquina Bay Bridge. American Art Awards salutes Yost’s 30+ year passion for art and we proclaim the Roger Yost Bay Street Gallery the Best Gallery or Museum in Oregon, 2020, and one of our Top 25 American Galleries and Museums for 2020.”


Whether toiling as a reporter, editor, adman, master gardener, or creative director and chief marketing strategist at Oregon-based Jantzen for more than three decades, art has been a central driving force in the life of Roger Yost.

During trips abroad for business summits, or to shoot ads in exotic places, Yost would invariably return home with canvases that reminded him of the journey or a cultural era.

The first Yost gallery was located in a 1927 art deco tower in the heart of Downtown Salem, Oregon’s capital city. The 7,500 sq ft gallery was a cherished fixture among locals and tourists before its owner relocated it to this popular coastal resort city in 2015.

Yost exhibits unique paintings and sculpture from Lithuania, The Czech Republic, Vietnam, France, Germany, Argentina, Russia, Spain, UK, Budapest and Hollywood. The gallery features not only collectible contemporary artists (Taras Loboda, Irene Sheri, Tim Rogerson, Craig Bone, Guy Dessapt, and the late Itzchak Tarkay, among others), but museum pieces by Marc Chagall, Edouard Leon Cortes, Antoine Blanchard, Gustave Courtrois, James Hayllar, and others dating back to the 17th Century.

Yost also takes pride in introducing new artists in his gallery. They include Newport native Andrew Palmer, whose architectural training has made his acrylic renderings of Newport’s famous bay bridge popular fare, and Dawn Cartwright Mosaic Studio who uses more than 10,000 pieces of cut glass to recreate art atop coffee tables.

Curator Rebecca Maitland will generally produce two exhibits to run concurrently eight times a year, often featuring an Oregon winery or two on the launch night.

Current exhibits feature the naïve art of Ukrainian Sergey Lepovtsev, and the bold works of Georgia-based Emanuel Mattini, who paints the frames to complement his orchestration art.

PHOTOS: Yost in his gallery. Yost with the Cartwrights and their art tables. Andrew Palmer with his “Moonlight Bay,” a painting of the iconic Yaquina Bay Bridge. Sergey Lepovtsev naive art currently featured.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Please contact the gallery for the latest info.


Web Site:

Address: 859 SW Bay Blvd. / Newport, OR 97365

Phone: (541) 574–0802

VIDEO OF GALLERY HERE: annually awards 25 museums and galleries in spring, and with their critique in autumn, awards 300 artists (painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists).




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