Best Gallery Or Museum In California: CODA Gallery / 2020 American Art Awards

For 12 years, American Art Awards has decided the 25 Best Galleries and Museums in America. Among the criteria: years in business, industry reputation, online activity, location, size, exhibits, educational programs, represented artists and references from artists, clients and visitors. Each year only one gallery or museum per state in 25 states is selected.

American Art Awards: “A Palm Desert landmark for thirty-three years, this contemporary El Paseo gallery exhibits a brilliant collection of contemporary work by established, mid-career and emerging artists. We love the vibe, the space, the look, the feel, the art — much of it innovative. CODA is the epitome of a wide expansive gallery California-style, offering its collectors and attendees bright, easy pop on canvas and in photographs and in sculpture. There is nothing uptight here. American Art Awards proudly names CODA the Best Gallery Or Museum In California, 2020 — and one of our 25 Best Galleries Or Museums In America.”


In the fall of 2016, CODA Gallery opened a new location in the heart of Palm Desert at the corner of El Paseo and Lupine Lane.

Brimming with color and life, the art at CODA mirrors the personality of the gallery’s beloved founders Connie and David Katz, avid collectors and philanthropists who opened in Palm Desert in 1987. Their spirit of generosity and warmth greets visitors the moment they enter the gallery, where advisors are welcoming and willing to share their expertise with collectors at every level.

At CODA, acquiring art is a relaxed and pleasurable experience. Whether you are looking to add one piece to a room or redesign your entire house, gallery consultants combine their expertise with your ideas, tastes, and personal style to help you create the perfect art collection.

CODA Gallery / 73–400 El Paseo / Palm Desert, CA 92260

760.346.4661 / 800.700.4661 / 760.776.4010 fax

SEE 1 MINUTE AWARD VIDEO HERE: annually awards 25 museums and galleries in spring, and with their critique in autumn, awards 300 artists (painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists).





One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art). President of

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Thom Bierdz

Thom Bierdz

One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art). President of

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