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The American Art Awards has announced the 20 Best Art Galleries In USA for the year 2024, with Evalyn Dunn Gallery receiving the award for the Best Gallery in New Jersey. Selections are based on years established, industry reputation, location, size, aesthetics, socially relevant exhibits, motivational and educational programs, online presence, represented artists — and references from artists, clients, and visitors.

American Art Awards: “This year we awarded a couple prestigious university museums, one with roots going back to 1892 with incomparable art collections: Greek, Roman, Near Eastern, ancient Egypt, Byzantium, Asian, African, Ancient Americas, and Oceanic cultures. We also selected the largest gallery in the Southwest and a Florida gallery with four locations amassing the largest exhibition space in South Florida, with close proximity to Art Basel & Art Miami. A Midwest facility specializing in original contemporary African art is included as well as a couple art centers providing year-round visual art exhibitions and innovative arts education programs available to all including disadvantaged rural communities. Our diversified roster this year also includes high-rated contemporary galleries in Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Salt Lake City and Seattle. These revered landmarks with influential international presences are popular urban hotspots, fulfilling both artistic and high-energy community needs. We also chose heralded private galleries in Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina, focusing on exhibiting regional artists, both young and established.”

AMERICAN ART AWARDS: “For 66 years, Evalyn Dunn Gallery has been a family legacy serving the community with expert, innovative and personable staff. They feature the finest 20th Century American and European art. American Art Awards selects Evalyn Dunn Gallery as our Best in New Jersey and one of our Top 20 American Galleries and Museums for 2024.”

In 1958, this Dunn family effort was originally created as a casual, local venue for the exhibition, framing and preservation of art — but over the years Evalyn Dunn Gallery has exceeded everyone’s expectations to become a significant world-renowned gallery. When Evalyn Dunn first opened her art gallery in the 1950’s, people marveled at her ability to hold a full time job, run an art gallery and raise a family. Fortunately, her supportive husband, Benjamin, worked with her and consequently Evalyn Dunn Gallery prospered.

In its 66th year, the east coast treasure showcases the finest 20th Century American and European art, works of acclaimed artists from all countries, including Graciela Rodo Boulanger of Bolivia, Ron Hedrick of Canada, Gordon Wilson of Scotland, and American artists such as Christine Alfery, Patrick Antonelle, Callie Campbell, Jon Friedman, Mary Johnston and photographer Frederick Ballet.

Others include Stephanie Amato, Linda Apple, Daniel Azoulay, Beatty, Natalia Bessonova Michele Byrne, William Bunting, Giovanna Calzolari, Daniel Carvalho, C.M. Cooper,, Cook, Cora, Alicia Cotter, Cybele, Degas, Kate Faust,Ilario Fratini, William Gramley, Karla Gudeon, Ilan Harel, Jessica Hedrick, Ian Kochberg, Lee, Mercurio D’Anchise, Miro, Natale, Pruna Milanes Pv Giancarlos, Alicia Quaini, Renoir, Salzman, Jane Seymour, Sissman, Ilene Smith, Murray Smith, John Triarsi, Rosalia Verdun, Jessica Wasilewski and Whistler.

Star Ledger‘s Sally Friedman writes: Jacie can still remember doing her homework after school in the back area of her parent’s art gallery.”

Today, Jaclyn Civins owns and runs the gallery. She fondly recalls ambitious mom Evalyn and dad Benjamin importing oil paintings from Europe sixty years ago. As the business has grown and changed locations over the last decades, Civins has left her own imprint on a business that honors what her parents began. Due to changing times the gallery has begun to diversify and has expanded to include jewelry, art glass, gifts and religious items.

Jaclyn Civins was voted “Westfield’s Small Business Person of the year for 2018” by Alignable. The gallery was also selected as one of the top galleries in the US by Art Design Consultants.This year it was selected as Best of 2021 Westfield — Art Gallery. The Westfield Award Program was created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions and organizations in and around Westfield, NJ.

Evalyn Dunn Gallery / 549 South Avenue West / Westfield, NJ 07090

Mon — Sat 10–5 / Sun & Evenings by appointment. / (908) 232­-0412

Art by Gail Winbury, Nancy Karpf, Mary Johnston, Jon Friedman, Callie Campbell, Boulanger

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American Art Awards annually awards 20 museums and/or galleries and with their critique months later, awards 300+ deserving contemporary artists from 60+ countries: painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists.



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