Best Gallery In Massachusetts: Boston Sculptors Gallery / 2021 American Art Awards

Thom Bierdz
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For 13 years, American Art Awards has decided the 25 Best Galleries and Museums in America. Among the criteria: years in business, industry reputation, online activity, location, size, exhibits, educational programs, represented artists and references from artists, clients and visitors. Each year only one gallery or museum per state in 25 states is selected.

American Art Awards: “We consider thousands of the most established art venues from Alaska to Florida. This year we chose several museums and art centers with historical significance of 100+ years, some with over 100,000 annual visitors, some specializing in global acquisitions, some American treasures, others offering objects preserving their state’s legacy, and some celebrating one specific artist’s life work. We’ve also selected some of the most reputable art galleries; some which offer every style of international art, others exhibiting works from one region or one genre.”

Boston Sculptors Gallery won the distinction of Best Gallery Or Museum In Massachusetts, 2021, and one of American Art Awards 25 Best American Galleries / Museums, 2021.

American Art Awards: “Boston Sculptors Gallery is a highly successful cooperative gallery exhibiting engaging contemporary sculpture, including traditional and emerging media, installations and public art. The impressive space is transformed monthly with dynamic new displays, intoxicating crowds and revving the community. Founded in 1992 in Newton, MA, this landmark gallery has been located the heart of Boston’s SOWA arts district since 2004. It is the only sculpture collective in the United States to maintain its own gallery, and does so brilliantly.”

“Boston’s best gallery” — Boston Magazine.

“The most innovative gallery around.” — Boston Globe.

“A ‘landmark’ Sculptor’s cooperative.” — Nick Capasso, Director of the Fitchburg Art Museum.

Boston Sculptors Gallery was founded to remedy a distinct lack of opportunities in the region for showcasing sculpture. A group of 18 sculpture colleagues banded together, pooled their resources and charted their vision that sculpture could and should be championed locally. Within a couple years this cooperative venture was making a name for itself. Area curators and critics along with the art-going public took notice.

Boston Sculptors Gallery continues to operate with the belief that sharing resources and championing each others’ artistic endeavors produces the most fertile ground in which artists can produce and thrive. Currently, 37 members have the opportunity to show their work every two and a half years in a highly professional setting.

Boston Sculptors Gallery, 486 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

(617) 482–7781,

ONE MINUTE AWARD VIDEO OF GALLERY: annually awards 25 museums and galleries in spring, and with their critique in autumn, awards 300 artists (painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists).

MAY 5 — JUNE 6, 2021

Andy Moerlein: wood stone poem

Donna Dodson: Amazons Among Us

Meditations on The Natural by Andy Moerlein
featuring Guest Artists Mary Graham, Wen-hao Tien, and JooLee Kang

SoWa First Friday Receptions: May 7 and June 4, 5–8:30 pm

Private VIP event/reception: Wednesday May 5, 5–7 pm

Special events

Sijo Contest Poetry Reading, May 15, 3 pm
The Significance of Stone, May 27, 7 pm
The Philosophy of Bonsai, June 3, 8 pm

(all events will be recorded and posted on BSG Facebook page)

SoWa First Friday Receptions: May 7 and June 4, 5–8:30 pm

First Friday Performance Events:

“She’s a Beast”: Friday, June 4, 8 pm
with Kledia Spiro and Janelle Gilchrist Dance Troupe
(in person event and live streaming on BSG Facebook page)

The Future of the Feminist Imagination: Thursday. May 20, 7 pm
A Virtual Conversation with Chanda Prescod-Weinstein




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