Best Gallery In California: Revolver Gallery / 2021 American Art Awards

Thom Bierdz
4 min readJun 2, 2021

Each year the American Art Awards board selects the 25 Best Galleries And Museums In America. reported in 2016: “The impressive AAA board chooses only one museum or gallery per state per year. Selection criteria includes years established, industry reputation, online buzz, location, size, socially relevant exhibits, motivational and educational programs, represented artists as well as artist, client and visitor references.”


American Art Awards: “We consider thousands of the most established art venues from Alaska to Florida. This year we chose several museums and art centers with historical significance of 100+ years, some with over 100,000 annual visitors, some specializing in global acquisitions, some American treasures, others offering objects preserving their state’s legacy, and some celebrating one specific artist’s life work. We’ve also selected some of the most reputable art galleries; some which offer every style of international art, others exhibiting works from one region or one genre. A Native-American and an African-American facility are included in our Top 25, as well as a popular Boston sculptor’s co-op, and this Hollywood Warhol hot spot.”

Revolver Gallery is named Best Gallery or Museum in California, 2021, and one of American Art Awards 25 Best Galleries / Museums in America, 2021.

American Art Awards: “This Hollywood hot spot contains the largest gallery-owned Warhol collection worldwide with over 300 original prints and paintings. Contextualizes Andy’s work and historical significance through outreach, strategic partnerships with leading institutions, and curating international Warhol exhibitions. Astounding collection, fantastic reputation.”

Яevolver Gallery is a Los Angeles-based art gallery with a one-artist program focusing on the life and work of the pioneer of Pop Art, Andy Warhol.


ЯEVOLVER Gallery’s most recent international exhibitions include Warhol: A Different Idea of Love, a Vancouver, Canada exhibition, which had over 50,000 visitors during its two-month duration, and Andy Warhol: Revisited, Canada’s largest exhibition of works by the artist on view 07/01/2015–12/31/2015.

Whether visitors want to buy original Andy Warhol works or simply view what’s on display, they will enjoy the Pop Art aesthetic of the gallery. Our numerous rooms covered in Warhol pieces, chic minimalist decor, and welcoming staff makes ЯEVOLVER Gallery a place worth visiting.


At ЯEVOLVER, there are over 300 original Andy Warhol art works for sale. Warhol used his signature techniques — silkscreens, reproduced serially and often painted with bright colors, to portray subjects that combined his fascination with glamour, celebrity, and commercial production. Gallery patrons can buy Warhol works that exemplify his vision and techniques such as Campbell’s Soup Cans, Marilyn Monroe or Mao.

Revolver Gallery — Andy Warhol Specialists

8641 W Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, California 90069
Gallery: 310.786.7417 | Mobile: 310.895.5868


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