American Art Awards now offers Official Gallery Ratings to all artists — see how they priced Varsamoudis & Bunevich

Thom Bierdz
2 min readFeb 17, 2021

Every year American Art Awards selects the 25 Best galleries & Museums in the nation, then those highly respected art institutions decide the best contemporary artists worldwide — in 50 categories.

In 2021, American Art Awards is adding another opportunity to help any artist worldwide — to have an image of their artwork rated and priced by one of America’s best galleries. Here are two examples:

This is not only valuable insight, it can be a fantastic tool to assist artists in selling their own work. They could say to an interested collector, “Look, if this were hanging at such and such gallery, they’d be asking this much…”

An Official American Art Awards Gallery Rating gives the artist a great negotiating starting price — and validation — and possibly a huge ego boost. One artist’s work was valued at $50,000. You can see 40 Gallery Ratings here:

See a movie of last year’s winning artists.

2021 Entry info.

Info on obtaining Official Gallery Ratings.



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