American Art Awards Names Best Gallery In South Carolina, 2022: Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art

Each year the American Art Awards selects the 20 Best Galleries And Museums In America; only one museum or gallery per state per year. Among other criteria, selections are based on years established, industry reputation, online buzz, location, size, socially relevant exhibits, motivational and educational programs, represented artists as well as artist, client and visitor references.

American Art Awards: “We considered thousands of the most established art venues from Hawaii to Maine. This year we chose five museums, one with an impeccable reputation for 125 years, one 80, one 50, one 40, and one fairly new. We selected a Mid-West art center doing important community work for 44 years, and a lively Southern gallery linked to a 5 day festival. Most the galleries we selected are heralded longtime landmarks with expansive interiors perfect for exhibiting today’s contemporary masters. Many have several locations and cater specifically to regional collectors with regional artwork, but just as many represent all genres of work from all levels of national and international artisans.

“We selected Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art as Best Gallery or Museum in South Carolina, 2022, and one of American Art Awards 20 Best Galleries / Museums in America, 2022. This prestigious French Quarter gallery offers a variety of sculpture as well as paintings of realism to abstract, linear expressionism to intuitive and has excellent long-term relationships with clients, designers, architects, and trade professionals. Not only does MMG host ongoing exhibitions as often as twice a month, they offer museum quality work in bronze, ceramic, wood sculptures, original oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors and pastels: phenomenal pieces ranging from realistic to abstract.

“Mary Martin Galleries Of Fine Art introduces emerging local artists as well as showcases mid-career national and international artists with focus on art which forges new ground. The stunning original building anchors the west end of Gallery Row, Historic Broad Street, which runs from King to East Bay, in Charleston, the city which Conde Nast refers to as the number one tourist destination in America. This intersection of retail, culture and Five Star Hotels is on par with Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive and NY’s Fifth Avenue.”

Mary Martin: “We are an eclectic gallery and don’t wish to be branded with just one style of work. We look for originality as well as beauty. We want the eyes, heart and soul, as well as the intellect to be stimulated, soothed, and excited. We also have five hotels that have gallery areas on the main floors that we show our art at. One of them is a Kiawah Island. That is the Andell Inn, Bonvoy hotel. The other locations are all in Charleston, South Carolina.”

Mary Martin Gallery / 103 Broad Street / Charleston, SC 29401 / 843–723–0303 annually awards 20 museums and galleries in spring, and with their critique in autumn, awards 300+ artists (painters, photographers, sculptors and digital artists).




One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art).

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Thom Bierdz

Thom Bierdz

One of Medium’s TOP ART CONTRIBUTORS, award-winning author, actor, film-maker, painter. 12 books (6 volumes of art).

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