2023 AMERICAN ART AWARDS Submissions (Part 6): Charcoal, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel, Digital, Sculpture, Photo, More

Thom Bierdz
8 min readAug 2, 2023

If you chase beauty like I do, you’ll love these articles showing you the beautiful and diverse art entered so far from around the globe in the 2023 American Art Awards, scored next month by 20 of the best galleries in the USA, seen here:

Any sketcher, painter, digital artist, sculptor or photographer can enter online images by [extended deadline September 10]. There will be over 300 winners in 50 categories, who will receive great press. The 6 highest scores will receive cash prizes as well.

Online art images will be placed in the category where they have the best chance to win: oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, various photography, sculpture, digital, realism, impressionism, naïve, abstract, expressionism, human figure, animal, landscape, fantasy, surrealism, pop, portrait, self-portrait, political, erotic, cubism, floral, humor, spiritual, etc..

Below are submissions from talented artists around the world. Feel free to browse their sites or contact them if interested in buying their work, which may turn out to be an American Art Awards winner in late October.

BENJAMIN OTOO GHANA https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087375202108 “Addicted” 12x16” Charcoal & graphite.

ALLEN JAION USA www.AllenJaion.com ‘’Flower Red (Of Artist Zendaya)” 60x48'’ Acrylic on canvas. POP ART

JESSICA KATE COX WALES UK www.JessicaKate.art “Perceptual Space” 50x60cm Emulsion on board. MINIMALISM

ANDRZEJ NIEWIADOMSKI POLAND “ Schizophrenia” 29x21cm Paper, markers, ink.

QIONGLIN (JUDY) FAN USA www.judyfan.com “Roberta In Hat” 12x12” Oil on canvas.

TYRREL JONNS & LENA DAVIS AUSTRALIA ‘’Venice’’ 30x30'’ Manipulated photographic print. Cat 46

JUAN CASTILLO RAMIREZ COSTA RICA https://www.facebook.com/juan.castilloramirez.750/ “Ninos En El Parque(Children In The Park)” 30x40cm Acrylic.

JOHN A. O’CONNOR USA www.oconnorartllc.com “Boeuf Bourguignon” 11x8.5” Pastel on paper.

SHAWN MCAVOY USA http://smcavoy.com/ “Terminal Velocity Osprey” 31x11x12" Bronze.

EVGENY ZYKOV RUSSIA https://www.facebook.com/profile.php? “Fly Away” 40x50 cm Oil on canvas on cardboard.

JOOP LOGGER GAMBIA www.jolocreative.com “Black Golden Blue Lady” 75x100cm Mixed & digital on canvas.

HAKKI CENGIZ EREN TURKEY https://www.hakkicengizerencomposer.com/ ‘’The Unlucky Ones II’’ 55x33cm Hand carved on basswood.

CHAIN NKOSINATHI SOUTH AFRICA “Untitled 2” 60x60cm Acrylic on scratched canvas.

FRED SMILDE USA www.saatchiart.com/fredsmilde “Heavy Burden” 30x24" Oil on canvas.

ANDREA PAOLINO USA https://www.studiopaolino.com/ “Two Heads” 15x15.5x9.5" Bronze.

MARIO KEGLEVIC CROATIA www.mariokeglevicart.com “Goldfish” 60x50cm Oil on canvas.

MATTHEW WILLIAM CAIRNS UK https://www.artpal.com/mattcairns “You Take My Breath Away” 12x16" Acrylic.

WENDY BURR USA https://www.wendylizart.com/ “Mirage In Gold Leaf” 60x48” Oil on canvas.

CHRIS KRUPINSKI USA www.chriskrupinski.com “It’s A Friday Night” 30x22” Transparent watercolor.

WIM BEULLENS BELGIUM www.wim-beullens.be “No Title 6” 42x30cm Graphite on paper.

PEGGY LIEBENOW GERMANY www.peggy-liebenow.de “Maskenträger/Mask Wearer” 120x100cm Acrylic on canvas.

GIORGOS GEORGIOU CYPRUS https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090660182582 “Lost In Thought” 40x40cm Pastel and mixed medium on pastel paper.

CELVIC VILLACORTA PHILIPPINES https://www.facebook.com/celvic.villacorta “Where Art Thou, Father?” 30x40" Acrylic on crumpled canvas.

EVGENY ZYKOV RUSSIA https://www.facebook.com/profile.php? “Fauna” 40x50cm Oil on canvas on cardboard.

JOSELITO DE GUZMAN TAMONDONG PHILIPPINES https://www.facebook.com/lits.tamondong ‘’Beatiful Morning’’ 18x24" Acrylic on canvas.

ALBERTO HERNÁNDEZ REYES CUBA https://www.albertohreyes.com “Paisaje Con Río / Landscape With River” 127x101cm Acrylic on canvas.

JOSÉ LISBOA BRAZIL https://www.instagram.com/lisboajose1/?hl=en “Sonhos E Lágrimas (Dreams and Tears)” 100x80x4cm Assemblage; paint, found objects.

OLENA LYTVYNENKO UKRAINE https://lytvynenkoart.wixsite.com/lytvynenkoolena/magazin “Coins #2” 60x80cm Acrylic on hardboard.

FARHAN DHALLA CANADA https://www.farhandhalla.com/ “Tribute To My Late Mother: Part 3” 20x16” Fabric around photo. Innovative

ALI RAHIMI IRAN “Sunset On The Pier” 120x85cm Oil on canvas.

RAJASEKHARAN PARAMESWARAN INDIA www.rajasekharan.in “Manilal Padavoor” 23x36" Oil on canvas.

ALI RAHIMI IRAN “Goat Game” 90x80cm Oil on canvas. AAA

GIANCARLO D. DOOC PHILIPPINES https://642ad59f88f14.site123.me/ “Strange Woman” 18x24" Acrylic on canvas.

LINDA MCCORD USA https://www.lindamccord.com/ “Ron’s Sister” 10x15" Acrylic on canvas.

KATERINA A. CECHOVA DENMARK ‘’It’s All About The Girl’’ 90x70cm Oil on canvas.

MARIJA VENCLOVA CZECH REPUBLIC www.obrazy-pictures.com “ Bee On A Flower“ 70x50 cm Oil on canvas.

MATTHEW MORPHEUS (SERHII MATVEICHENKO) UKRAINE https://mrmatthewmorpheus.crevado.com “New World Order” Digital art.

ASTRID LI CHINA www.astridliart.com “The Abode Of Deity” 50x61” Yarn on canvas.

CHRISTOPHER FORREST USA https://www.chrisforrestart.com/ “Breaktime” 20x16” Oil on panel.

TYRREL JONNS & LENA DAVIS AUSTRALIA “The Strange’’ 30x30'’ Manipulated photographic print. Cat 46

SAFIRAH RASHID MALAYSIA https://fotosafirah.blogspot.com/ “The Lost Years” 16x16” Acrylic on round canvas.

LOLLIE ORTIZ USA www.lollieortizartgallery.com “Toon Station” 20x14x20” Mix media stand-alone sculpture on wood base.

VLADIMIR PETRAN BELARUS https://www.facebook.com/v.petran “Flying Over…” 80x80cm Oil on canvas.

RUSTEM IBATULLIN TURKEY www.saatchiert.com “Melting” 90x90cm Oil on canvas.

LINDA MCCORD USA https://www.lindamccord.com/ “Leah In The Round” 24x24" Acrylic on canvas.

BRIAN SIMONS CANADA www.briansimons.com Acrylic on canvas. “Social Media Casualty” 30x30" HUMOR

RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN http://www.rivismo.com “Unicellular Surgery” 195x195cm Mixed media-Rivismo on canvas.

BATHMAWATHY INDIA www.artistbathmawathy.com “Pride” 15x11” Pastel on pastelmat. REALISM/ANIMAL

ALAN STECKER USA https://alanstecker.artspan.com/ “Old World Ikon” 48x24" Digital,12 Ink, inkjet print on canvas.

LAN YIHAN CHINA “Moon Night” 57x30cm Watercolor.

CAROLE BRACY USA “Monarch” 11x14” Photography.

BRUCE SODERVICK USA www.sodusartbank.com “Transfigured Nacht” 56x45” Oil on canvas with varnished vine charcoal. Art Brut/Turmoil

ISTVÁN KENÉZ HUNGARY www.facebook.com/istkenez “Creek” 50x35cm Oil on panel.

DANIEL WALTERS USA www.facebook.com/DanWOriginals “Copic Footbridge” 14x11” Pencil and graphite on paper.

RUSTEM IBATULLIN TURKEY www.saatchiert.com “Road To Chalish” 100x90cm Oil on canvas.

KACEY KO HONG KONG SAR CHINA https://www.kaceyko.com “Oasis (OJ-2701)” 60x90cm Oil on linen.

RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN http://www.rivismo.com “Experiential Universe” 195x195cm Mixed media-Rivismo on canvas.



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