2023 AMERICAN ART AWARDS Submissions (Part 4): Adam & Eve, Exodus, Dark Heart, Moon Magic, Sir Francis Drake, Birbal, Crystal City, Yosemite, More

Thom Bierdz
7 min readAug 1, 2023

If you chase beauty like I do, you’ll love these articles showing you the beautiful and diverse art entered so far from around the globe in the 2023 American Art Awards, scored next month by 20 of the best galleries in the USA, seen here:

Any sketcher, painter, digital artist, sculptor or photographer can enter online images by [extended deadline September 10]. There will be over 300 winners in 50 categories, who will receive great press. The 6 highest scores will receive cash prizes as well.

Online art images will be placed in the category where they have the best chance to win: oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, various photography, sculpture, digital, realism, impressionism, naïve, abstract, expressionism, human figure, animal, landscape, fantasy, surrealism, pop, portrait, self-portrait, political, erotic, cubism, floral, humor, spiritual, etc..

Below are submissions from talented artists around the world. Feel free to browse their sites or contact them if interested in buying their work, which may turn out to be an American Art Awards winner in late October.

LOLLIE ORTIZ USA www.lollieortizartgallery.com “Night City” 20x18x20" Assorted blue, black & clear acrylic cubes on checkerboard black & metallic wood base design.

LOLLIE ORTIZ USA www.lollieortizartgallery.com “Crystal City” 20x22x20" Motion art produced with acrylic plastic & crystal cubes on white & translucent checkerboard design on wood base.

ALI SAAD PAKISTAN “Birbal” 30x24" Oil on canvas.

NANCY PICKARD UK “Adam And Eve” 100x100cm Acrylic on canvas.

NANCY PICKARD UK “Exodus” 60x50cm Mixed media on board.

DASHA PRUDNIKOVA USA/MEXICO www.bemusedartist.com “Moon Magic” 100x80cm Oil on canvas.

DAN PYLE USA danpyleartist.com “Toy Boy” 16x20" Charcoal and pastel on illustration board.

JEANNE M. RIETZKE USA www.etsy.com/shop/paintedbyhandilm “Fish Eye” 19x30" Watercolor on paper.

LINDA MCCORD USA https://www.lindamccord.com/ “Sparring” 20x24” Acrylic on canvas. abstract

TYRREL JONNS & LENA DAVIS AUSTRALIA ‘’Dark Heart’’ 30x30'’ Manipulated photographic print. Cat 42

HICHAM TAKACHE LEBANON www.facebook.com/hicham.takache “Niagara Falls” 60x80" Oil on canvas.

RASIKA RAMON SRI LANKA https://www.gallerycoronado.com/rasika-originals “Water Lilies” 18 x24" Oil pastels on canvas.

TATIANA LEIMKUELLER AUSTRIA https://tilda.cc/projects/?projectid=6472123 “Portrait Of Maria-Antuanetta” 40x24x25cm Resin, gypsum.

RUMJANA GEORGIEVA BULGARIA “Freedom Of Harmony” 100x100cm Acrylic & mixed media on canvas.

KACEY KO HONG KONG SAR CHINA https://www.kaceyko.com “Oasis-Euphoria” 90x120cm Oil on linen.

LUAN ALBAN UK myportfolio “Baby Owl” 8x10” Flower petals, paper, radish, cucumber, currant. Category: Innovative

LUCILA ZENTNER AUSTRALIA https://www.lucilazentnerart.com “Reimagined” 90x90cm Oil on canvas.

TOMAS GILVONAUSKAS LITHUANIA https://tumblr.com/gilvonas “Butterfly Above Vilnius” 21x 29.7cm Acrylic on cardboard.

GRAHAM EDWARD RHODES UK https://about.me/surreal_rhodes “Fantasy Mind” 32x22" Mixed media ink pen on paper/digital manipulation.

YVONNE PRAEGER SWITZERLAND www.yvonnepraeger.com “Pink Salvation” 80x120cm Oil on canvas.

WIM BEULLENS BELGIUM www.wim-beullens.be “No Title 5” 42x30cm Graphite on paper.

RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN http://www.rivismo.com “Experiential Machine” 195x195cm Mixed media-Rivismo on canvas.

ALAN STECKER USA alanstecker.artspan.com “In Flight” 18x24" Digital painting.

WALDEMAR TŁUCZEK POLAND https://www.instagram.com/waldemartluczek_waldzior/ “Paradise Garden” 100x80cm Oil on canvas.

HAN SHUAI CHINA “Hello” 150x100cm Acrylic.

LINDA IRWIN CANADA www.lindairwinartist.com Category 17 & 38 “God’s Amazing Paintbrush” 16x12” Acrylic on canvas.

LINDA IRWIN CANADA www.lindairwinartist.com Category 35 “Alberta Sunset” 14x11” Acrylic on board.

LINDA IRWIN CANADA www.lindairwinartist.com Category 43 “In The Clouds” Photo.

MAGDALENA MALCZEWSKA POLAND https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100040613003000 “Fleeting Moments” 90x80cm Acrylic on canvas.

MAGDALENA MALCZEWSKA POLAND https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100040613003000 “Rebirth” 120x80cm Acrylic on canvas.

JO BEER UK jobeerart.com “Sir Francis Drake Awaits Notifications” 50x76cm Oil on canvas.

FREDDY CHIHOTA ZIMBABWE “Till That Land” 45x60cm Oil on canvas.

FREDDY CHIHOTA ZIMBABWE “Goat-meat Braai Preparation” 45x60cm Oil on canvas.

PRIYA NATARAJAN USA https://instagram.com/artpurposebypri?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ== “Donut Do It” 5.5x8.5” Watercolor on paper.

PRIYA NATARAJAN USA https://instagram.com/artpurposebypri?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ== “Employee Of The Year” 5.5x8.5” Watercolor on paper.

ANNA BAKLANE-GRIVINA LATVIA https://www.instagram.com/anna_baklane/ “He Plowed Her, And She Cropped” 90x74cm Oil on canvas.

ANNA BAKLANE-GRIVINA LATVIA https://www.instagram.com/anna_baklane/ “Portrait Of Marsi” D-40 cm Oil on canvas.

YUJI SAKUMA JAPAN www.artyuji.com “Portrait With Green Background” 54x38cm Soft pastel.

YUJI SAKUMA JAPAN www.artyuji.com a“Quick Portrait” 38x27.5cm Soft pastel.

MARINA DANILUKA SCOTLAND/LATVIA www.instagram.com/maridani_art “Sky City” 80x60cm Oil on canvas.

MARINA DANILUKA SCOTLAND/LATVIA www.instagram.com/maridani_art “Once Upon A Time At Sea…” 60x60cm Oil on canvas.

BRIAN SANCHEZ USA https://www.instagram.com/sanchezbrian.art/?igshid= “Halo” 40x20cm Acrylic & phosphorescent paint on cardboard (looks different at night).

DOUGLAS CASTLEMAN USA www.douglas-castleman.pixels.com “Glacier Point Yosemite Morning” 12x24" Oil on canvas.

DOUGLAS CASTLEMAN USA www.douglas-castleman.pixels.com “Heading Down” 18x24" Oil on panel.



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