2023 AMERICAN ART AWARDS Submissions (Part 15): Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract, Digital, Crochet, More

Thom Bierdz
7 min readAug 28, 2023


If you chase beauty like I do, you’ll love these August articles showing you the beautiful and diverse art entered so far from around the globe in the 2023 American Art Awards, scored next month by 20 of the best galleries in the USA, seen here:

Any sketcher, painter, digital artist, sculptor or photographer can enter online images by [extended deadline September 10]. There will be over 300 winners in 50 categories, who will receive great press. The 6 highest scores will receive cash prizes as well.

Online art images will be placed in the category where they have the best chance to win: oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, various photography, sculpture, digital, realism, impressionism, naïve, abstract, expressionism, human figure, animal, landscape, fantasy, surrealism, pop, portrait, self-portrait, political, erotic, cubism, floral, humor, spiritual, etc..

Below are submissions from talented artists around the world. Feel free to browse their sites or contact them if interested in buying their work, which may turn out to be an American Art Awards winner in late October.

EMMANUEL OKOLIEZE NIGERIA “A Different Realm” 24x42” Graphite and charcoal on paper.

RICKY MONTILLA USA www.rickymontilla.com “Farmers Market” 24x30” Oil on canvas.

CANDACE HUTCHISON USA https://www.candi-art.com “A Necessity” 11x14" Acrylic on wood. EXPRESSIONISM — FIGURE

BEN AMOYAL USA https://www.instagram.com/benchuk/ “Yul” 9x12” Acrylic on wood panel.

JOANNA LEVESLEY UK https://www.nouveau-studio.co.uk “Bowie” 59.4x84.1cm Pen and ink.

UNIARA SWEDEN “Winter love” Mixed Media.

BEATA BYLINKA POLAND https://www.instagram.com/bielinka22/ “Starry Night Inspired By The Painting Of V. Van Gogh” 55x70cm Crochet, acrylic yarn, pinned to a lightweight foam board.

BEATE BLUME GERMANY www.beateblume.de “Just Curious” 80x80cm Acrylic on canvas.

MERANA CADORETTE USA https://merana-cadorette.pixels.com d_cadorette@hotmail.com “Safe Harbor Blessing” 22x28” Acrylic on canvas.

GIUSEPPE LUCANTONI ITALY www.facebook.com/giuseppe.lucantoni/ “That Lucky Old Sun” 50x65cm Soft pastel on pastelmat glued on plywood. PASTEL — FIGURE

GIUSEPPE LUCANTONI ITALY www.facebook.com/giuseppe.lucantoni/ “Star On Earth” 50x70cm Soft pastel on extrafine canvas glued on plywood. PASTEL — FIGURE

DAJEONG WON USA “Putting A Price On The Priceless” 18x24" Acrylic.

JOSEPH GONZALEZ AUSTRALIA “Self Portrait, Mirror” 22x35” Acrylic on canvas.

OLUWATOSIN ADEPOJU NIGERIA “Virile” 16×20" Charcoal pencil on paper.

SUSO NOYA SPAIN “Going Somewhere 2” 9x12” Pastel on paper.

SUSO NOYA SPAIN “Going Somewhere 1” 9x12” Pastel on paper.

GIUSEPPE LUCANTONI ITALY www.facebook.com/giuseppe.lucantoni/ “Reflections” 50x65cm Soft pastel on extrafine canvas glued on plywood. PASTEL — FIGURE

ESTHER VAN HULSEN NORWAY https://www.esthervanhulsen.com/ “Patterns — Young Gyrfalcon” 36x28cm Watercolour and colored pencil on board.

FIONA YEH TAIWAN https://fionayehporfortfolios.com “Lion-9” 80x66cm Oil on canvas.

FIONA YEH TAIWAN https://fionayehporfortfolios.com “Lion-O” 25x35cm Marker on paper.

SUSAN WEHRMAN USA https://www.tippany.com “Basking” 32x18” Colored pencil on pastelmat. REALISM — ANIMAL

SUSAN WEHRMAN USA https://www.tippany.com “J9” 24x18” Colored pencil on pastelmat. REALISM — STILL LIFE

CAROLE BRACY USA “Hittin’ The Strip” 8x10” Acrylic.

JOANNA LEVESLEY UK https://www.nouveau-studio.co.uk “Queen’s Gambit” 59.4x84.1cm Pen, ink and acrylic.

CASEY MIDDLETON USA http://www.caseymiddleton.weebly.com “A Dove Story” 30x30” Oil on canvas.

JOANNA LEVESLEY UK https://www.nouveau-studio.co.uk “Flower Duet” 59.4x84.1cm Pen, ink and acrylic.

CASEY MIDDLETON USA http://www.caseymiddleton.weebly.com “Deep Control” 30x30” Oil on canvas.

JEAN DE CLERCQ SWITZERLAND www.jeandc-kunst.ch ”Summer In The Wood” 60x80cm Oil on canvas.

JEAN DE CLERCQ SWITZERLAND www.jeandc-kunst.ch “White Turf III” 70x100cm Acrylic on canvas.

YUQIAN SUN CHINA http://www.yuqiansun.com “Artificial Fairies №11 / My Little Companion” 16x23” Watercolor on paper. Watercolor-figure category

RICKY MONTILLA USA www.rickymontilla.com “Brooks @Wallace Falls, WA Series 3 ” 16x24” Oil on canvas.

RICKY MONTILLA USA www.rickymontilla.com “Excerpt From The Master’s Book, Series 2” 16x24” Oil on canvas.

IGORS BARULINS LATVIA www.barulins.art “Lines In Red” 90x90cm Digital photography.

ELIZABETH DOERKSEN CANADA @lizdoerksen “Silver Lining” 18x24" Acryla gouache.

JENNIFER HANNIGAN-GREEN USA www.jenniferhannigan-green.com “Grounding Connection… Water” 18x24” Acrylic.

JENNIFER HANNIGAN-GREEN USA www.jenniferhannigan-green.com “Pieces… Of My Inner Child” 20x20” Acrylic.

CHRISTINE CHOI USA “Synchro-Maniac” 24x18” Acrylic.

UNIARA SWEDEN “Levitation” Mixed Media.

MONICA PEREIRA AUSTRALIA “Relocation” 90x60cm Corflute, paper, glue, crayon, acrylic.

ANGELĖ ŠIMOLIŪNIENĖ LITHUANIA “Diffusion Of Light” 64x44cm Paper, acrylic.

ANGELĖ ŠIMOLIŪNIENĖ LITHUANIA “Deities” 64x44cm Paper, acrylic.

YUQIAN SUN CHINA http://www.yuqiansun.com “Artificial Fairies №10 / Dissonance” 19x30cm Watercolor and ink on paper. Watercolor-figure category

ESTHER YEH-RYNN CHAE USA “My Essentials” 46.5x30cm Acrylic.

ESTHER YEH-RYNN CHAE USA “Golmok” 15x21" Watercolor.

ESTHER YEH-RYNN CHAE USA “Tears of Hope” 46.5x30cm Acrylic on board.

DAJEONG WON USA “Bottles Can Be Recycled But Stupidity Can’t” 18x24" Acrylic.

DAJEONG WON USA “Omen” 18x24" Acrylic.

DEBRA GERALD USA “Sedona Sunrise” 16x20” Oil on canvas. Category 22

CASEY MIDDLETON USA http://www.caseymiddleton.weebly.com “Honey Child” 30x40” Oil on canvas.

CASEY MIDDLETON USA http://www.caseymiddleton.weebly.com “I See The Light” 26x48” Oil on canvas.

SANTO MATIAS USA www.abstractmynd.com “Medusa In Ecstacy” 18x30” Acrylic on linen.

SANTO MATIAS USA www.abstractmynd.com “Aphrodite” 66x60” Acrylic on linen.

CARLOS CAGUAZANGO COLOMBIA “The Big Orange (Front)” 41x39cm Heliography & magnifying glasses on orange peel canvas and resin. Category: 24. Innovative



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