2023 AMERICAN ART AWARDS Submissions (Part 1): Queen Elizabeth, Flower Petal Fish, Johnny Depp, Homeless In Hollywood, Wildcats, Watercolor Seamstress, More

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If you chase beauty like I do, you’ll love these articles showing you the beautiful and diverse art entered so far from around the globe in the 2023 American Art Awards, scored next month by 20 of the best galleries in the USA, seen here:

Any sketcher, painter, digital artist, sculptor or photographer can enter online images by [extended deadline September 10]. There will be over 300 winners in 50 categories, who will receive great press. The 6 highest scores will receive cash prizes as well.

Online art images will be placed in the category where they have the best chance to win: oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, various photography, sculpture, digital, realism, impressionism, naïve, abstract, expressionism, human figure, animal, landscape, fantasy, surrealism, pop, portrait, self-portrait, political, erotic, cubism, floral, humor, spiritual, etc..

Below are submissions from talented artists around the world. Feel free to browse their sites or contact them if interested in buying their work, which may turn out to be an American Art Awards winner in late October.

GRAHAM EDWARD RHODES UK https://about.me/surreal_rhodes “Underground Arts“ 42x59.4cm Mixed media ink on paper/photo manipulation.

RAMÓN RIVAS SPAIN http://www.rivismo.com “Nest Of Experiential Faces” 195x195cm Mixed media-Rivismo on canvas.

EUGENE KUPERMAN USA www.kuperart.com “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” 36x24” Oil on canvas.

TOMAS GILVONAUSKAS LITHUANIA https://tumblr.com/gilvonas “Ship Above Tallinn” 29.7x21cm Acrylic on cardboard.

JOANNE XU USA “Eros- Unrequited Love” 48x68x98cm Plaster on wood board.

LUAN ALBAN UK myportfolio “Rose Fish” 8x10” Flower petals, paper, currant. Category: Innovative

LUCILA ZENTNER AUSTRALIA https://www.lucilazentnerart.com “Roses And Flowers On Outside Table” 120x100cm Oil on canvas.

GIUSEPPE PETRONE ITALY “Sun Off” 39x51cm Soft pastel on paper. pastel/human figure.

HICHAM TAKACHE LEBANON www.facebook.com/hicham.takache “The Blue Wave” 36x60" Oil on canvas.

MIKE PELUSO USA “Supported” 12” Polymer clay and wire.

DAN PYLE USA danpyleartist.com “Captain Jack” 24.75x27" Charcoal on illustration board.

REGIMANTAS VALIUKAS LITHUANIA “Two Green Pears” 36x36cm Graphite on paper.

ALFRED FREDDY KRUPA CROATIA https://linktr.ee/afkrupa “Morning In Contra Light: Boat Dock On The River Kupa In The Town Of Karlovac” 100x120cm Oil & ink painted with goose feather on canvas.

KOO NYARKOH GHANA “Bob Marley Beyond Beauty” 30x30" Acrylic & fabric on canvas.

MITCHELLE JAMES NIGERIA “Republic Of Wealth” 60x60" Oil on canvas. RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUAL.

DOUGLAS CASTLEMAN USA www.douglas-castleman.pixels.com “Early Morning Farm” 16x20" Oil on canvas.

RHONDA WHITTINGTON CANADA https://rhondawhittington.com “This Little Light” 11x14” Pastel on sanded paper.

RON WALDECK SOUTH AFRICA www.ronwaldeck.com “928 Cheek To Cheek” 110x80cm Acrylic on canvas. Realism animal

RICKY SCHEMBRI AUSTRALIA www.rickyschembri.com “View From My Back Yard” 96x77cm Pastel on canson mi Tientes board.

DEIMANTE BRUZGULIENE UK http://www.dbartist.co.uk “Brothers” 50x70cm. Pastel on paper. REALISM — ANIMAL(S)

RASIKA RAMON SRI LANKA https://www.gallerycoronado.com/rasika-originals “DragonFly” 11.25x8.25" Colored pencil on paper.

TATIANA LEIMKUELLER AUSTRIA https://tilda.cc/projects/?projectid=6472123 “Trojan War. Homer And Athena” 100x149x90cm Casting plastic.

BOBBY KIM LING CHEN HONG KONG www.trulydgtal.com “Dance Of Civilisation” 18×24” Digital art — representational.

RUMJANA GEORGIEVA BULGARIA https://www.instagram.com/romigianna/ “Queen Elizabeth II” 70x70cm Acrylic on canvas.

KACEY KO HONG KONG SAR CHINA https://www.kaceyko.com “Blossom-Lisianthus” 60x50cm Oil on linen.

CHRISTINE KIM USA “Passport To Equal Education” 18x24" Acrylic on wood board.

ZIVA BARRETT USA www.zivabarrett.com “Aquarius” 14x14" Mixed media on canvas.

RENEE BRETTLER CANADA https://www.reneebrettler.com/ “I’m Telling” 15x20" Pastel, charcoal on paper.

ERIC LI USA www.ericliart.com “Melody Of Pipa” 20x24" Oil on wood panel. OIL — FIGURE or REALISM — HUMAN FIGURE

TOM HAESPI SWITZERLAND https://www.tomhaespi.art “Tree Of Love” 706x1023px Digital. DIGITAL CATEGORIES

AVADKA COLEZ USAwww.avadkacolez.com 36x24” Acrylic over glossy print.

LINDA ARNN ARTENO USA ArnnArteno.com “Isle Of Glencoe / Scotland” 26x12” Photo. Landscape Photography

ALAN STECKER USA alanstecker.artspan.com “Feeding Frenzy” 36x24" Digital painting.

RONALD C. WALKER USA “The Game” 11x14" Gouache.

EVGNOSIA NIKOLAROU GREECE “Smile” 40x60cm Pastel on canvas.

EVGNOSIA NIKOLAROU GREECE “Virgin Mary” 40x60cm Egg-based tempera with 22 karat gold.

WALDEMAR TŁUCZEK POLAND https://www.instagram.com/waldemartluczek_waldzior/ “The Spirit Of The Forest” 70x90cm Oil on canvas.

CAROLE BRACY USA “Lucky Lady” 11x14” Photography.

HAN SHUAI CHINA “Beautiful Hair” 60x60cm Acrylic.

MAJA WOLF POLAND www.majawolf.pl “Naughty thoughts” 45x35cm Oil on canvas.

SANDRA VEILLETTE CANADA. https://www.facebook.com/SandraVeilletteArtiste “Brotherhood” 12x16" Color pencil on pastelmat. Realism — animal

JOEL SIMON IRELAND https://www.joelsimon.art “She’s Leaving” 50x40cm Oil on canvas.

JEANNE M. RIETZKE USA www.etsy.com/shop/paintedbyhandilm “Barcelona Harbour At Night” 24x30" Acrylic on canvas.

LINDA MCCORD USA https://www.lindamccord.com/ “On The Mend” 20x28” Watercolor.

AMELIE MONIRA EGENOLF GERMANY www.monira-art.de “Pure Joy” 40x40cm Oil on canvas.

DOROTHY CLARKE USA https://www.facebook.com/DaCCreations1111 “Widow Skimmer Summer” Photography.

SANTO MATIAS USA www.abstractmynd.com “Red NapoleOn” 30x36” Acrylic on canvas.

LINDA IRWIN CANADA www.lindairwinartist.com “In Dreams” 11x14 inches Acrylic on board. 4 Categories

COCOMI SASAKI TAIWAN https://youtube.com/@cocominandesu “Beauty Of Withering Flowers” 91x73cm Paper and acrylic on canvas.

RANA KAZAN LEBANON https://www.facebook.com/RanaKazanSaliba?mibextid=b06tZ0 “Beirut’s Truth” 180x120cm Oil on canvas.

JADEN ZEN TAIWAN https://a0920654516.wixsite.com/jadenzenart “Freedom Flying” 41x31.5cm Mixed media.

KAREN BANNON USA Karenbannonphotography.com “Migration Of The Monarchs” 2:3 Photo. Non Manipulated Animal photography



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